Choosing The Right Type Of Table For An Event

Your tables play a major role in planning your event since they affect how you are able to use your space and also affect how guests interact with each other. Even if your event has a great capacity, this doesn't matter if you cannot provide seating for all of your guests. 

Round Tables

Round tables are your best option for when you are having a formal meal. The round table makes it easier for everyone to converse without having to turn their heads as much, which can strain one's neck. Also, during social events, a round table is often what is expected. However, the round tables do not maximize the amount of space you can use. 

Round tables need extra space around them. Otherwise, guests may struggle to maneuver through the spaces where the two ends of the round table meet. Make sure to measure the space to determine exactly how much space the round table would take up before choosing this option.

Rectangular Tables

Rectangular tables allow you to maximize how much space you use. If you would like to squeeze extra space out of the venue, choose narrower tables. This approach is useful when you have a small venue and a large number of guests, but you will also be limited with what you can do with the venue when it is so full of guests.

How you arrange the rectangular tables is partially based on convenience. If tables are simply arranged in rows, close together, guests may bump into and disturb each other when they get up. However, this might not be a concern if guests are expected to mostly remain seated. Also, the tables need to be arranged to allow for space for wait staff. 

Pedestal Tables

If guests will be standing, you should instead use a pedestal round table. Ideally, the table should be easy to adjust so that the table can be set at the appropriate height for the guests. Sometimes, chairs simply get in the way and guests would rather move around and mingle. However, they will need a place to set drinks and appetizers. 

You may decide to use more than one type of table. For instance, pedestal tables might be great, but some guests may need a place to sit. One option is to have a bar setup with bar stools for those who need to sit. Having a variety of tables can also make the space more interesting. To learn more about how to rent tables and chairs, contact a company like Party People Rentals & Sales