Transforming Your Wedding Venue With Event Decor Rentals

When planning your wedding, you'll likely want to add some decorations to transform the banquet hall into a personalized space that reflects your own tastes. With the right event decor rentals, you can do just that. Here are some options to discuss with your wedding planner to create the perfect look for your venue.

Draping And Curtains

Draping and curtains can be used on the ceilings and walls of your venue to create a custom look. Hang them behind your head table for a beautiful backdrop, or criss-cross them across the ceiling to add an elegant touch to the room. These rentals come in a variety of materials and colors, so you can choose the option that best fits your theme. Choose hues that contrast with your table decor and flowers, or go monochrome for a chic, modern look.

Lounge Seating

If there will be a cocktail hour at your reception, consider renting lounge seating. These plush sofas and chairs create the look of an upscale club in your venue, and they also provide cozy areas for conversations. Have the event staff place them on the dance floor for the cocktail portion of the evening, and have them removed during dinner so the dance floor is free for use after the cake has been cut.

Chandeliers And Accent Lighting

Having the perfect lighting scheme can make your event space glow beautifully, and you don't have to rely on the existing lighting to illuminate the space. Consider renting chandeliers to hang over the dining tables, and use accent lighting along the walls to create a soft glow behind any drapes you have hung in the room. You can also rent small lamps to use as centerpieces at each table. Have your wedding planner work with the venue to determine wiring and outlet access so these temporary fixtures can be put in place before your wedding.

Stage Rentals

For a dramatic look, consider placing your head table on a stage. This puts you and your wedding party at eye level for guests during the reception, and the stage can be quickly converted after the meal to accommodate any band or live performers you've hired for the rest of the reception. You can also have your DJ set up on the corner of the stage before the meal so he or she can provide the background music for toasts and other portions of the reception.

Talk to your wedding planner to source vendors that rent these different decor items, and draw up a sketch of the room to determine where each element will be placed. This will help you to envision what the room will look like once it's been decorated. Visit a site like ENDESIGNSLLC.COM for more help.