Three Easy Team Building Activities You Can Do With Few To No Supplies

Team building activities are a great way to break the ice at a work gathering or help new employees get to know the crew. But if you've been researching team building activities lately, you've probably noticed they may have something in common: They require a lot of expensive equipment or gear! If you're on a tight budget, this just won't fly. So here are three easy team building activities that require few to no supplies.

Endless Possibilities

This game really challenges participants' imaginations and gives them some insight into how each other's minds work. Collect some random objects into a basket. This could be anything from a stapler, to a sock, to an eraser. You should collect at least twice as many objects as there are participants. Have the first player step up and start acting out the use or purpose for one item in the basket -- without saying which object they are acting out the use of. For instance, if they are looking at a stapler, they can act out stapling with their hands. (They should not pick up the actual stapler.) The other people have to guess which object they are acting out. Whoever gets it right gets to go next!

Guess the Lie

To play this game, have all of the participants sit in a circle. Have the first participant state three facts about him or herself. Two of these "facts" should be true, and one should be a lie. The other participants should then guess as to which "fact" is the lie. The speaker will then reveal the lie, often to the amazement of the other participants! Continue around the table until each person has had a turn to share three facts.

If you want to make this game a little more competitive, buy a few prizes. Award one to each person who does not have anyone guess correctly which of their statements is a lie.

Mingle and Learn

This is a really fun, laid back game that will help participants learn unique things about one another. Have everyone stand in a line. Have the first participant stand up and state one random or interesting thing about themselves -- along with their name. Have the second person do the same, and then the third. Then, give all of the participants a sheet of paper with their team members' names listed on them. Ask them to write down the facts each participant shared. See if anyone can remember them all!

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