Tips for Planning Unique and Creative Parties

Tips For Having An Indoor Birthday Party

Throwing a birthday party for your child can be difficult if you do not have much room at your home. This can be especially true when the children involved are very active. While you can come up with some games to play, this may not be enough to keep them busy. One way to keep everyone happy and busy without creating too much stress or preparation for yourself is to go to an indoor birthday party playground. Read More 

Choosing The Right Type Of Table For An Event

Your tables play a major role in planning your event since they affect how you are able to use your space and also affect how guests interact with each other. Even if your event has a great capacity, this doesn't matter if you cannot provide seating for all of your guests.  Round Tables Round tables are your best option for when you are having a formal meal. The round table makes it easier for everyone to converse without having to turn their heads as much, which can strain one's neck. Read More 

Transforming Your Wedding Venue With Event Decor Rentals

When planning your wedding, you'll likely want to add some decorations to transform the banquet hall into a personalized space that reflects your own tastes. With the right event decor rentals, you can do just that. Here are some options to discuss with your wedding planner to create the perfect look for your venue. Draping And Curtains Draping and curtains can be used on the ceilings and walls of your venue to create a custom look. Read More 

Three Easy Team Building Activities You Can Do With Few To No Supplies

Team building activities are a great way to break the ice at a work gathering or help new employees get to know the crew. But if you've been researching team building activities lately, you've probably noticed they may have something in common: They require a lot of expensive equipment or gear! If you're on a tight budget, this just won't fly. So here are three easy team building activities that require few to no supplies. Read More 

Four Types Of Events College Students Would Love

If you are thinking about planning an event for college students, you may be wondering just how to go about it. After all, college students are busy, so you want to ensure that your event stands out enough to get them interested to drop what they are doing just for a short period of time. Here are four types of events that many college students would love: Community Service: Nowadays, college students are interested in giving back and expressing their values, which is something that can easily be done through a community service event. Read More